What Would I Be Doing if I Participate?

As a TNMCorps volunteer, you would be using our custom online map editor to collect, modify, delete, and verify structures data. Structure data points are pre-loaded into the editor along with a variety of background layers including imagery, The National Map, and Topographic maps to help you identify structure buildings and facilities. You can also use other online maps and map search engines as supporting resources to pinpoint and identify locations.  


You can edit anywhere in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, and you can focus on one or all structures types. Many new editors prefer to start editing in areas they are familiar with and have some knowledge of.  Schools and post offices are good structure types to start with because it is easy to find the authoritative sources needed to confirm information about those features (i.e. school websites and the USPS®  post office locator tool respectively). Another way to begin is to participate in a Mapping Challenge.


It’s easy to sign up and get started!! All you need is access to the internet, an email address, and a willingness to learn.


How do I get involved?


1)     Read through this user guide to learn more about the project and how to contribute.

2)     Login to access the online map editor.

3)     Take the virtual tour of our online editor.

4)     Follow the directions in this user guide on how to edit.

5)     Start editing!