The Edit History Tab

Click on the Edit History tab to show a list of all of your edits and the dates they were made, or use the drop-down menu to view a list of edits made by other users. To narrow your search, enter any part of a feature's name in the filter search field.


IMPORTANT: Use the "Fetch" button to refresh the list of edits anytime you change the user or add a filter. This ensures you are getting the most recent list.



The drop-down menu allows you to select the editing history of your points only, the editing history of all points of all users, or the editing history of a specific user.



The Current User option will bring up the history of your own edits.


The All Users option will bring up the editing history of every point edited by every volunteer.


The Select User option will bring up an additional search field where you can enter the display name of another volunteer and view their editing history.



When the list of edits shows up, click on the green plus-sign to view details about that point. The details include the name of the feature, the date and time it was edited, the display name of each editor who edited that point, any potential errors, and the review status of the point.




If the review status says open, that point has not yet been reviewed by the USGS.


If it says accepted, the point was reviewed and approved by the USGS.


If it says rejected, the point was reviewed but returned to its previous version due to significant errors in location, spelling, or name and address formatting.



NOTE: If you're working on a smaller screen, you may need to scroll to the right to see the full status box.