Example: How to Add a New Structure Feature and Edit Existing Features



This example provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to add a new structure feature to the map and edit existing features.


This example can be used by Standard Editors, Peer Review Editors, and Advanced Editors because the process for each is essentially the same.


Although the basic requirement for a Standard Editor is to provide or confirm the location (placement of the icon) and name and state of the structure, providing accurate and complete address information is greatly appreciated.



Peer Reviewers and Advanced Editors, however, have a greater level of responsibility to ensure data going into The National Map is accurate and complete. Steps in the process that are especially important for Peer Review Editors and Advanced Editors are contained in a text box with a blue border.












This example focuses on showing you how to research a structure point using online sources.


If you have local knowledge of the structure or you plan to verify the structure in person, your own knowledge and validation of a structure can be used.














Steps Used in this Example:


Step 1: Find a feature to map

Step 2: Make sure the feature is not already on the map

Step 3: Find the exact location of the feature

Step 4: Add information about the feature

Step 5: SAVE