Post Offices




If you want to edit post offices, the best source to use is the US Postal Service (USPSĀ®) locator tool to find all post offices in a specific area.


1. Go to and click on the "Find USPS Locations" link under the Quick Tools tab.


Source: U.S. Postal Service (


2. Decide where you want to edit post offices. Then, under "Location Types", click "Refine search" and select: Post Offices and Village Post Offices. Type in the zip code or city and state of the area you want to edit. Depending on the size of the area you want to edit, adjust the "Within" distance. The larger the distance, the more post offices the search will return.






Please do not collect retail locations that are not really post offices, such as grocery stores that sell stamps. If you find these in the data please delete them unless they have a value in the GAZ id field.












Source: U.S. Postal Service (




3. Go through the search result list and look for each point in the editor using the methods described in the Personal Knowledge example. You can then add any post offices that you find are missing from the map, and check the post offices that are already on the map. If you find post offices on the map that no longer exist, please delete them using the delete key in the editing window.