Overview of Structure Features and the Editing Process

This section provides an introduction to structure features and guidelines for how to edit them.


Structure features are buildings or facilities and their descriptions (name, address, type of feature: school, fire station, prison, etc.).


These structures are identified on the map with an icon located in the center of a building, group of a building or facility.


These are the icons representing the types of structures currently available for editing:








Click here for a more detailed description of the structures available for editing.


Click here for additional information and resources on mapping structures.


Click here to review the icon border colors.




Editing Structure Features


Editing is the process of adding new structure features to the map and updating the locations and descriptions of existing ones. The information you are contributing will be used to update The National Map.


There are 3 major types of edits:


1. Adding missing features to the map

2. Verifying existing features and updating if necessary

3. Deleting obsolete features from the map


See the following topics for more information on how to edit structure features:


How to Research a Feature

How to Add a New Feature

How to Edit an Existing Feature

How to Remove a Feature