Step 2: Check the Feature's Attribute Information

To check an existing feature's information (name, address, and type of feature), click on the feature to select it. The feature's information will appear on the left side of the imagery.  






If you are editing as a Peer Reviewer or Advanced Editor, we ask that you to take on more responsibility to ensure the data going into The National Map is complete and accurate.


Although Standard Editors are only required to confirm the icon is on the correct structure and complete the “Name” and "State"  fields in the editing window, we strongly encourage Standard Editors to add or confirm the address information as well.


Click here to review the editing roles.  














If the information in the editing window is not correct, please correct it. If the fields are blank please fill in the missing information from an authoritative source. If you are unable to find address information from an authoritative source, you do not need to make any changes.


When editing names and addresses, it is not acceptable to use general internet web sites. Use the most official source you can, such as a school web site, a city’s web site containing fire station listings, etc, and use the full proper name as it is found on an official website.


Click here for acceptable ways to locate name and address information


Check that the structure feature is labeled as the correct type of feature (fire station, hospital, post office, etc.).


For example, a "College / University" structure feature might be labeled as a "Middle School" structure feature. To change the type of feature, from a "School" to a "College / University", click on the icon so that the structure feature is selected, then change the type of feature by clicking on the correct feature icon (e.g., College/University) in the editing window. When determining the correct type of feature, please refer to the structure feature type definitions.



As each feature type is selected, watch the icon on the building change:




As you enter information for a point, please pay attention to the formatting of the attributes (name, address, city, state, zip) where necessary. This makes the data consistent and up to our mapping standards.


Please refer to the Name and Address Formatting section before editing.




Do not include any of the following information in the address fields:


1. Latitude and longitude.

2. Directions (e.g. "10 miles north of..." "Off of..." "Near...").

3. Notes (e.g. "no address available"). Notes can be added to the 'Comment' field.

4. Address ranges (if an exact number address is not listed on an authoritative website leave the address field   

    blank or put only the street name or cross streets separated with an “and.”).


















For more help on editing existing points, check out the step-by-step example.