How to Add a New Feature

Occasionally you will come across a building in the online editor imagery that is not represented by an icon. If you know that the building is one of the structure features being collected by the TNMCorps, then you can add a point to the map.


If you want to add new points to the map, you need to make sure there is not already a point on the map for that feature. Sometimes points are placed in the wrong location.


To place a new structure on the map simply click on the appropriate icon in the Edit tab and click where the point should be on the imagery. When placing a new point on the map, make sure you are zoomed in as far as you can.



Some things to consider when adding new points to the map:


1.  An icon will be added to the map for each building use, not an icon for each building.




2. If the features are the same company, for example a joint Fire Station and Ambulance Services company, then only one point should be added to the map to represent that company.




3. If a structure has a single use, but multiple buildings (a hospital or correctional facility), then only one icon should be added to represent that feature. This hospital has many buildings, but is only represented by a single point. In this case you should place the point in the center of the facility. For college and university campuses, you should place the point on the main administrative building, if it can be identified.