Courthouse Naming Guidelines

Deciding what to name a courthouse can be a tricky process. Remember that we are collecting courthouse buildings, not individual courts within the courthouse. So whichever name you decide to enter when editing a courthouse point, it should be representative of the main building.


NOTE: If the name comes from an authoritative source, it will be accepted. If you're unsure about what to name a courthouse, feel free to contact us at

Don't forget to leave a note in the comment field to let us know which authoritative sources you used to verify the name and location of each courthouse!











Sometimes a courthouse building is named after a public figure, such as the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center in Denver, CO, or the Leonard L.Williams Justice Center in Wilmington, DE.



In some cases, a courthouse may simply be named after the county in which it resides, such as the Jefferson County Courthouse in Golden, CO.


And in other cases, the courthouse building may have a very generic name, such as the First Judicial District Court in Brigham City, Utah.