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I have a cemetery in Ross County, Ohio that's on both the Ohio Genealogical Society and FindAGrave sites. But the coordinates from both sites put the cemetery in what Google Earth shows to be a pond. What to do with the Draper-Duckworth-Martin Cemetery?

asked 10 Mar, 15:49

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Even if the coordinates shown by Find A Grave and on Google place the cemetery in a body of water, it doesn't necessarily mean that's exactly where it is (even though we consider Find A Grave generally authoritative, it isn't a perfect resource, and their marked locations aren't always accurate, which is why we recommend cross-referencing multiple sources). So unless you found authoritative information/evidence explaining that a cemetery was inundated or destroyed, then it's best to assume it still exists. It’s extremely rare that you’ll need to delete a cemetery point, so if you can’t find evidence that a cemetery has been destroyed, inundated, or its burials disinterred (or that it’s a duplicate), it’s best to leave the points on the map and move on to points you can confirm.

It looks like you already edited a point representing a Draper Cemetery (aka, Draper Duckworth Martin Cemetery?). The current location of this point matches with a location marked on the Historical Topo layer, so until you are able to track down more affirmative location information, you can leave the point where it is.


answered 14 Mar, 12:04

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