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Hello everyone! I'm currently editing fire stations in Texas, and I have been noticing that there are locations called Texas Forest Service (town name) Office. When I check the primary sources, they were stating that there is fire coordination in certain locations and other locations say that they store fire fighting equipment. When I submitted one of them after confirming the sources, there was a possible error have occurred saying please include the following in the "Name" field: Fire Station, Fire Protection Association, etc. Is Texas Forest Service (town name) Office an acceptable name for the structures since that's the name of the group of buildings? If not what would you guys like me to call these locations?

asked 08 Apr '22, 15:55

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As long as you're only collecting TX Forest Service locations that store fire fighting equipment and meet our other fire station collection criteria, you can use this naming convention: "Texas Forest Service [Town Name] Office Fire Station." The addition of "Fire Station" will prevent the magic filter from being triggered.

Keep in mind that the "magic filter" that produces the error messages can be seen as a blunt tool that's useful for picking up on general errors or anomalies, but isn't capable of sifting through certain nuances of editing. Since the filter lacks human judgement it might interpret certain phrases or unusual bits of information as errors. It's important to pay attention to those messages, but in some cases they just won't apply to you or the edits you've made. If an error message happens to pop up, it doesn't necessarily mean you've done something wrong.


answered 11 Apr '22, 11:05

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