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I'm curious about some school name formats that I'm coming across. I keep seeing names set up like "school name - Private School" or "school name - Daycare Center" or "school name - Preschool", etc. When I go to cross check the names of the schools they don't have the hyphen and designation, so my assumption is that these labels should not be included. I just wanted to double check there isn't a naming convention I overlooked.

(And I know in the case of daycare centers and preschools these structures should not be mapped.)

asked 27 Aug '21, 19:32

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I might need some clarification on the question. Do you mean the name entered for the point in the editor doesn't have a hyphen and designation? Or does the official website of each of these features not include a hyphen and designation?

As long as the name you enter for the point matches the name listed on an official/authoritative source (e.g., the website run by the school) then you don't have anything to worry about. If the official name includes a hyphen, then that can be included in the name you enter for a point. If the official name does not include a hyphen, then you do not need to enter one. Or, if a school has multiple campuses, then a hyphen can be used in the name to separate the school name from the campus name: e.g., "Brown High School - Denver Campus".

A designation such as High School, Middle School, School, etc., should always be included in the name though. I recommend reviewing the Name and Address Formatting Guide.


answered 30 Aug '21, 12:23

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So in one case I came across, the listing is "Metuchen Christian Academy - Private School". Yes it is a private school, but nowhere on the school's site does it refer to the school as such, it's just Metuchen Christian Academy.

So then my understanding from what you said, the "- Private School" can be removed since the official source never lists it like that?

(30 Aug '21, 20:38) ShiSon

Correct, the "- Private School" can be removed from the name when you enter it into the point since it is not an official part of the name as listed on an authoritative source. Where did you come across the listing that included "Private School" in the name?


answered 31 Aug '21, 09:45

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