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I need to move an icon for a school, and it has to move far enough that it is beyond the range of the visible map. When I move it to the edge of the visible map and then release it to scroll the map up, the icon disappears and eventually returns to its original spot. I have confirmed that it NEEDS to move, I just can't get it to do so.

asked 11 Jan '21, 16:23

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This is certainly a frustrating issue that we've had to develop some creative workarounds to deal with.

While clunky, the following method seems to work the best:

After moving the point as far as you can within screen range, enter some random symbols (e.g., &4%#$%) into one of the fields and hit save. The introduction of an "error" will prevent the data point from entering sync mode which allows you to immediately edit the point again. Click and drag the point again as far as you can, enter another error, hit save, and repeat until you've gotten the point to the desired location. Once it's where you want it, of course, you'll remove the "error" and make other necessary updates.

There is a simpler option, however it can ONLY be used if the point in question has not been assigned a GNIS ID number. If the point does not have a GNIS ID number and needs to be moved a very long distance, it's acceptable to delete the original point and recreate it in the new location. If the point in question DOES have a GNIS ID number, then we need to preserve that information, and we'd advise against deleting and recreating such a point (use the clunky move-error-save method mentioned above).

I'd also recommend including some notes in the Comment field explaining what you did to move the point.


answered 12 Jan '21, 09:14

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