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I was reviewing my edits and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. Their status says approved but in the error column is an orange box that says show possible errors. When I click on the box it says "Automated checks have flagged this edit for possible problems". Then it says " The displayed message indicates modifications may be needed for this edit". My question is, where would you see this message? I click on the ok button and there is a blue "pin" above the cemetery marker on the map but I don't know what I'm suppose to do. Thanks for the help. Should I be doing something more than filling in the information in the edit box? Thank you

asked 31 Dec '20, 16:53

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The orange box labeled "Show possible errors" is displayed on every single point's edit history entry, regardless of whether the point triggered our automatic filter or not.

If the automatic filter had detected any issues, then a message would be displayed below the phrase that says "The displayed message indicates modifications may be needed for this edit." If you're not seeing any additional information below that message, then the point passed the automatic filters and is labeled as "Approved". You do not need to worry about the default language in the "Show possible errors" pop-up if there are no additional messages.

Keep in mind that the "magic filter" that produces the error messages can be seen as a blunt tool that's useful for picking up on general errors or anomalies, but isn't capable of sifting through certain nuances of editing. For example, most cemeteries don't have physical addresses and might exist in the middle of a field, nowhere near a road. It's acceptable in such a circumstance to leave the address fields blank, but this might trigger an error message. Since the filter lacks human judgement it assumes the lack of information is an error. It's important to pay attention to those messages, but in some cases they just won't apply to you or the edits you've made. If an error message happens to pop up, it doesn't necessarily mean you've done something wrong.

All you need to be doing is ensuring that the attributes entered are current and properly formatted, and that the point is located in the correct place in the imagery.


answered 04 Jan '21, 10:21

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