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While researching a graveyard in Maryland I came across a cemetery of the same name a distance away. Is it a good practice to make note of something like this in the comment area? Or is that for something else? Also, should I be siting where I am getting information for the edits in the comment area? Thanks

asked 31 Dec '20, 16:18

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Thank you for your response.


answered 04 Jan '21, 14:59

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First, make sure the two points aren't duplicates. If you can find authoritative evidence confirming that there are indeed two distinct cemeteries with the same name, then they can both be updated. If they are duplicate points, delete the one with a larger GNIS ID number. If one point has a GNIS ID and the other doesn't, delete the one without a GNIS ID and make sure the remaining point is in the correct location.

Taking note of a nearby cemetery with an identical name is certainly appropriate content for the comment field. We definitely appreciate any additional information that will help us review edits more efficiently, including source citations (brief notes or links to websites are sufficient). If I'm editing a school, for example, I'll copy and paste the link to the school's website in the comment field so it's easily seen in the edit history for that point.

We don't require anyone to include additional information in the comment field, but it is helpful. Any additional information (outside of name, address, city, state, zip) should be included in the comment field.


answered 04 Jan '21, 12:51

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