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If I encounter a township whose town officials meet regularly at a public building (library, recreation center, fire station, etc.), but who do not have their own official, designated town hall space, should those other public buildings still be collected as city or town halls?

asked 10 Jan '20, 13:03

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No. If you come across a building in a township that hosts town council meetings but is not an official township building or township house (e.g., fire station, library, community center, etc.), do not create a city/town hall point on that building. If you can’t confirm the existence or location of a feature, it’s better to leave it off the map.

In some cases a single building will house a town hall, a police station, and/or a fire station. Three separate points can be collected for each of these features on that building. But if a fire station only allows the town officials to meet occasionally in their space (but there is no full time space designated solely for town business), then a town hall point should not be collected.


answered 10 Jan '20, 13:13

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