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Hello World,

New member here. I jumped into editing with both feet (amazed and inspired by this community) and started editing mostly schools. I've found consistently that the private schools in LA/West Hollywood/Southern California have a point in the correct geolocation but no address information populated in the fields. So far, my source of the authoritative resource is the California Department of Education. They also happen to have a dataset that can be exported with all the names and addresses of the private schools.

Source here: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/si/ps/ Also CA public school info dataset: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/si/ds/pubschls.asp

My question, is it possible to bulk edit with the editor? And should I be even adding private schools or only public schools? It seems if the data can be exported and uploaded it would save a great amount of time.

Thank you all for reading and I look forward to working with this community.


Alicia aka nw61149

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asked 16 Dec '19, 23:23

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Great question! Unfortunately no, data cannot be bulk edited with the online editor from the volunteer side. We batch loaded the spatial data that currently exists in the editor, with the exception of volunteer additions, of course. But to ensure that each data point is up-to-date and properly formatted according to our guidelines, each point still needs to be verified individually.

The CA Department of Education is an excellent resource. But if possible, we'd also recommend tracking down websites maintained by each individual school. State resources are authoritative, but may not always be as up to date as more local resources. It's possible that a school has moved or closed, but that status may not yet be reflected on the state website.

Regarding the types of schools we collect, yes, we do collect both private and public schools. We are not collecting facilities that only operate as preschools, kindergartens, or day care centers, so if you encounter any of those, feel free to delete them. For more information on the type of schools we collect, refer to our Structures List.


answered 17 Dec '19, 10:39

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East2West ♦♦
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Hi East2West,

Thank you for your reply. That makes sense.

I was using the CDE as a starting point, then Google and finally the school website. If possible, trying to check social media for current activity, but that was a stretch. The CA state site shows some of the filing dates as well.

Thank you again for the information. I will review the guidelines and structures list as well.


answered 05 Mar '20, 15:50

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