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When should a building designator be included? Only if it appears in an official source? Should it be added in certain cases, such as when a building name is different than the feature name being captured? (e.g. a post office located in a named Federal building; a city hall located in a building called "town hall")

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In the example you mentioned, if there are multiple entities operating out of a municipal building, then you can either add the building name to the "Name" field for the town/city hall, or you can add the specific town hall name to the name field, and add the building name to the "Address 2" field. In this case, adding the name of the building ("Anytown Municipal Building") to the name field is OK for a city hall, but we wouldn't use the municipal building name in the name field for the police station of course. You'd add the police station name to the name field but the building name to the address 2 field (optional).


answered 14 May '19, 09:14

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Yes, a building designator should be entered into the 'Address 2' field if it appears on an official source. The need to utilize the 'Address 2' field is quite rare, and often optional. The common use of the 'Address 2' field will likely involve a university point. University or college points should be placed on the main administration building on a campus. Many college campus buildings have specific names, so you might name the point "Smith State University", but add "Smith Hall" to the 'Address 2' field, if the main administration building happens to be called "Smith Hall."

A city hall located in a building called "Town Hall" should be named "Town Hall" (e.g., "Smithville Town Hall") if that is the official name of the city hall. In this example there is no need to enter anything into the 'Address 2' field because the building name is the name entered into the 'Name' field.

If a Post Office is located in a building with a different name, the official name used by USPS.com is what should be entered into the name field, whether or not this also includes the building name. If the official name includes the building name, then enter everything (as listed on USPS.com) into the name field. If that's the case, there's no need to enter a building name into the 'Address 2' field. If the building name is not officially listed in the name of the Post Office, then optionally, you can include it in the 'Address 2' field.


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It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish the official name of a city/town hall as an office, distinct from the name of the building it's located in. For example, the main government building of Irvington, NY is known as "Town Hall", but the municipal office located there is referred to in official documents as the "village hall"—but sometimes also "Town Hall", referring to the building itself, especially in less formal documents.

Another typical scenario is this: Suppose that there is a building officially called "Anytown Municipal Building", which contains three separate entities/features: -A municipal office, officially referred to as "Anytown City Hall" -A police station, "Anytown Police Department" -A fire station, "Anytown Fire Department"

Would this be a case to use the names in quotes under the "Name" field, and put "Anytown Municipal Building" in the "Address 2" field for each feature?

(02 Mar '19, 13:52) NateOMatic
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