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I have a cemetery, url https://edits.nationalmap.gov/tnmcorps/?loc=41.1324,-Leesburg Presbyterian Cemetery. There are two parts to the cemetery. Where should the ICO be placed to the user knows that they are the same cemetery or should there be two points?

asked 09 Nov '18, 07:43

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In a case like this where there are two distinct cemetery areas split by a road, you can create two points, just make sure to label each one with a cardinal direction, e.g. 'Leesburg Presbyterian Cemetery - East' and 'Leesburg Presbyterian Cemetery - West'. You can include a note in each comment field explaining the situation and describing the location of the other portion of the cemetery.

Another example of a similar situation is Huntley Cemetery - East and Huntley Cemetery - West in Illinois.


answered 09 Nov '18, 09:04

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To clarify the guidance above:

In our original guidance, we instructed folks to add an additional point to represent a cemetery if the cemetery property was divided by a road. This guidance applies only to cemetery properties divided by public roads/highways/major streets, etc., completely splitting the cemetery property in two, in response to the Leesburg Presbyterian Cemetery example.

Similarly, if a cemetery is divided into segments separated some distance by land, then two points can be added to represent each segment of the cemetery, with a cardinal direction entered into each name to distinguish them from each other.

However, this guidance does not apply to cemeteries segmented by their own road networks, or by a single road running through the cemetery that does not otherwise serve as a public thoroughfare. If a cemetery is only segmented by cemetery roads, then an additional cemetery point is not necessary.

Sometimes cemeteries are oddly shaped, or may appear to be segmented, but two points are not warranted. These situations will have be examined on a case-by-case basis, so if you're unsure about whether or not to add an additional point for a segmented cemetery separated by land or a public thoroughfare, reach out to us at nationalmapcorps@usgs.gov.


answered 09 Jul '21, 11:41

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