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I have a minor(?) request. Reviews and feedback are an important part of any process including updating maps as part of The National Map Corps (TNMC). I assume all National Map editors have their points reviewed on a periodic basis. It has been a very long time since I've received any feedback on the quality of my edits.

So, I was wondering, is it possible for editors to receive a notification on any point which an edit was done? I recognize that the editors doing the final edits are probably very busy and comments would be time consuming but just looking at their changes would be informative. Maybe a notice could be sent to all editors who had a part in editing a point? Since usernames are attached to each edit and TNMC has our email addresses, a note with the GNIS attached would suffice.

This request is probably more difficult than it sounds but I was just thinking out loud here and thought it would be a good idea.

Anyway, I've appreciate the USGS and TNMC allowing me to volunteer, in even a small way.

asked 19 Jun '18, 13:34

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We probably wouldn't be able to notify every volunteer of every change that gets made to each of their edits, however if you haven't heard from us in awhile and would like to have another quality check done on a sample of your data, or if you'd like specific information on why changes had been made to one of your points, feel free to reach out to us at nationalmapcorps@usgs.gov.


answered 21 Jun '18, 13:09

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