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This is my first question and the reason I signed up for TNMCorps. I would like to know how to approach editing the following feature: East Bay Post High School - Central Utah Enterprises

This feature is a blend of two different schools:

I cannot find evidence of East Bay Post High or Central Utah Enterprises having enrollment prior to 2008 digging through Provo City School District documents and the Internet Archive. It seems to me that the GNIS feature was probably only Utah Valley Community College when initially created in 1989 and has since been altered with the TNMC Schools Update 04282015 to be a blend of two schools. The Variant Names and History seem to all be tied to UVCC/UVU.

Would it be best to edit the name, address, coordinates, etc to be linked to Utah Valley University and create a new feature for East Post High?

asked 28 May '18, 18:22

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Unfortunately, the information provided for this point on the GNIS page is rather confusing, and I wouldn't worry too much about the history. What matters is whether the point represents a feature that is currently in operation and that the point is correctly located.

From what I could gather, Central Utah Enterprises is a job coaching and vocational facility for people with disabilities, so I would remove that part from the name. There is already a point in the editor representing Utah Valley University, so I would move the East Bay Post High School point to the building located at the address listed on the Provo City School District East Bay Post High page.

You don't need to create a new point since two points already exist: one for Utah Valley University, and one for East Bay Post High School. You can go ahead and update the name, address, and location of EBPHS.


answered 29 May '18, 09:10

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