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I am able to see the aerial imagery in the "veiw" tab but it doesn't show up on the editor tab. I can't see any other types of background images in the editor either. I am running it on firefox.

asked 23 Jul '15, 18:29

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edited 24 Jul '15, 09:15

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I have the exact same problem. None of the basemaps show up in the editors, though they're fine in the view tab. I've raised the issue with our NMC people but as far as I know you're the first to have reproduced the issue. I'm using Firefox as well but the problem shows up in Chrome and Opera too, at least under Linux. I've done some debugging and I think the problem is that modern browsers are unhappy with "mixed content" meaning mixing https:// traffic with http:// traffic. The editors themselves are accessed via an https URL, but the tiles are loading from http sources, and browsers don't like that because it's a security risk. This problem only cropped up for me in the last 3-4 weeks.


answered 23 Jul '15, 23:19

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Our developer has taken steps that hopefully will resolve the "mixed content" issue. Please let us know if you are having any better luck with the editor base layers now. Thanks!


answered 24 Jul '15, 09:14

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