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I've been noticing lots of older Q&A posts getting updated with new, and sometimes different information. Have the rules changed?

asked 28 Mar '18, 11:14

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Recently we started going through older Q&A posts to make sure that our volunteers have the most up to date and relevant information regarding different aspects of The National Map Corps. As our project has evolved, so has some of our guidance, which we know can be confusing.

Most of our updates (to this Q&A forum and elsewhere) have had to do with changes to the online editor. In August 2016 we launched a new site whose functionality and appearance differed from our old site. Since then, we've made several improvements to the editor, necessitating updates to Q&A posts addressing aspects of the old editor (e.g. changeset, GAZ ID, etc.). You'll notice that many of those posts have now been amended to include details regarding parallel aspects of the new editor.

We've also made updates to our guidance and documentation regarding the types of structures we do and do not collect. Over time, different feature types have been added or removed from The National Map for various reasons, so some of our current guidance may occasionally contradict with our older guidance. We understand how confusing this can be, and we do our best to keep our volunteers in the loop.

Unfortunately, sometimes outdated or contradictory pieces of our documentation slip through the cracks. In such cases we really rely on our volunteers to let us know where we've messed up, where we can improve, and if we've overlooked something really important! If you get confused by any of our guidance or documentation, please reach out to us at nationalmapcorps@usgs.gov to let us know.


answered 28 Mar '18, 15:06

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