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How do we handle schools in a prison? In many juvenile detention centers, there are schools for minors required to attend public or private school. The schools are sometimes operated by the local school district or the correctional facility.

For example in Juneau, AK, the Johnson Youth Center is a small juvenile detention center where the minors are serving minor sentences or are awaiting trial.

Should I mark this as a prison or a school or both? (I was planning on doing both.)


asked 30 Nov '17, 11:08

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A school in a juvenile detention facility is not uncommon but should be collected as a separate point as a school. If there is not a unique name for the school, you can add the word School to the name of the detention center and use that as the school name, e.g. Johnson Youth Center School.

Be sure to check if the youth at this particular detention facility are serving long term sentences. In order to be collected, the correctional facility should fit the definitions outlined in our Structures List: https://navigator.er.usgs.gov/help/WebHelp/structure_def_table.pdf

If it does, then two points can be added: one for the correctional facility, and one for the school. If it does not fit our definitions of a correctional facility, then a school point can be added, but not a prison/correctional facility point.


answered 30 Nov '17, 14:31

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