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I have a location, 2105375, that is an approved point as a Middle School, but the school is now an elementary school. The city's middle school is at a different location.

How do we handle this?

asked 19 Jul '17, 21:37

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While most points with a yellow border have been recently checked by someone at the USGS, there are still a few rogue points whose editing status was preserved or modified when we uploaded the data into the new editor last August (2016).

We don't put a lock on yellow points for such an occasion as this: sometimes even the yellow points will need to be updated since structures are dynamic. And since there is no way for our small team to make sure all yellow points are updated all the time, we rely on our vast team of volunteers to notice when those changes need to be made.

So if you encounter a yellow point that is out of date or incorrectly located, you have our permission to make the necessary changes. However we highly encourage you to make a note in the comment field informing us of the changes that were made and why they were made.

If you encounter a yellow point that you think might need to be updated, first search for that structure in the edit history. If that point has no edit history it was likely loaded into the editor back in August, as-is, and was probably never actually reviewed by the USGS.

In this particular example, the yellow middle school point has no edit history and is not located on the correct building. Before modifying this yellow point, make sure that there is not already another point for the same structure located nearby. Since there is no other point on the map representing this middle school, you can go ahead and update the yellow point.

The color will be reverted to the one representing the role with which you choose to edit (e.g. if you edit the point as a Peer Reviewer, it will be changed to blue). This is totally fine, since that sets it up to be reviewed by an Advanced Editor or the USGS.


answered 20 Jul '17, 10:43

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