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How can editors differentiate between Technical Community Colleges and Trade Schools? There are several Technical Community Colleges out there with curricula (as their name implies) that are heavily influenced by technical and/or vocational materials and career paths. Their titles can also be misleading when they contain multiple terms such as “technical” and “community college.” Under what criteria are these considered Trade Schools?

asked 13 Apr '17, 11:33

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In simple terms, the answer comes down to the highest level of awards offered by the institution. Junior colleges are educational institutions that offer a combination of both technical and academic courses, and frequently offer associates degrees. The academic component along with the associates degree would render this type of institution a junior college, and should be labeled as a “College / University” in the Map Editor.

As opposed to junior colleges, trade schools often have a shorter curriculum length that is highly customized towards the technical trade and doesn’t contain much of an academic element. The highest awards offered are often job-specific certifications.

In summary, an institution that offers associates degrees as its highest award is a “College / University.” An institution offering job-specific certifications is a “Technical / Trade School.”

Still confused? Review the NAICS code “61” for additional details about educational institutions: https://www.census.gov/cgi-bin/sssd/naics/naicsrch?chart_code=61&search=2017%20NAICS%20Search


answered 13 Apr '17, 11:34

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