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I just found a point in Los Angeles that is a cosmetology school https://navigator.er.usgs.gov/browse/node/1809815. the guide lines say:

''College / University... DOES NOT INCLUDE: Trades schools such as cosmetology schools"

Should this point be deleted?

asked 15 Apr '15, 10:46

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Ricardo Oliv...
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edited 20 Jul '15, 16:12

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ElizabethMc ♦♦

Although we are not required to collect such points anymore this may change in the future. If you see an existing point there is no need to delete it. If you find a trade school that is not on the map do not add it.


answered 20 Apr '15, 09:07

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Ricardo Oliv...
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There are many "schools" like this in the database. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands. I've spent a good bit of time researching some of them and usually deleting them. Is there any reason why an incorrect school structure should be left in the database instead of deleted? Deleting them declutters the map view in the editor and in theory in the Explorer as well.


answered 09 Jul '15, 21:11

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The source of the data is ultimately NCES (http://nces.ed.gov/globallocator/). Since the trade schools are or will be part of that database, the USGS has decided to ask volunteers to confirm existing trades schools, but not add any "missing" trade schools.


answered 13 Jul '15, 11:12

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We are now collecting technical and trade schools. If you come across these features in the editor, please take the time to verify and edit them the same way you would other features. Be sure to read our definition of a technical/trade school in our Structures List so you know what we're looking for: https://navigator.er.usgs.gov/help/WebHelp/structure_def_table.pdf


answered 21 Mar '18, 08:34

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East2West ♦♦
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