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Hello again, I am adding some of these locations for my county. I noticed that juvenile halls are both a correctional facility and a school. There are two problems with these locations with the system - 1. They don't follow correctional facility naming conventions established in the editor and we always get a dialog box. 2. They often have a school inside of them operated by the County office of Education.

I am requesting that the words Juvenile Hall be added to the corrections. For example, the location in Santa Maria is considered to be a maximum security location with long term sentences. The department of corrections has it listed under the probation department.

My other question is, should we list the high school separately?

Thanks again

asked 21 Sep '16, 15:19

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A school in a juvenile detention facility is not uncommon but should be collected as a separate point under the school feature code. The Juvenile Hall is law enforcement. If the detention facility is called "Juvenile Hall", then that is the correct name for the detention facility. Add the word School to the name of the school feature, e.g. Juvenile Hall School.

It sounds like the Juvenile Hall is a maximum security facility and should be coded as a prison, not law enforcement. Adding "Juvenile Hall" to the list of OK words in the filter carries some risk because Juvenile Hall may also apply to low security locations which we do not collect.



answered 11 Oct '16, 13:48

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