Category Members

The following volunteers are currently members of these recognition categories. The categories were updated September 29th, 2015.


Note: Only volunteers who have given permission to display their user name are shown.




Order of the Surveyor's Chain-- 25-49 points






Society of the Steel Tape-- 50-99 points









Pedometer Posse-- 100-199 points








Circle of the Surveyor's Compass-- 200-499 points







 Stadia Board Society-- 500-999 points










Alidade Alliance-- 1000-1999 points








Theodolite Assemblage-- 2000-2999 points






 Family of Floating Photogrammetrists-- 3000-3999 points








 Flock of Winged Witnesses-- 4000-4999 points











 Ring of Reconnaissance Rocketeers-- 5000-5999 points












 Squadron of Biplane Spectators-- 6000+ points